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Login Login page contains the form you need to fill in order to validate whether you are allowed to use the Web Application CCIS.

If you already have an account on the Web Application CCIS, then you must enter your User ID and Password. Afterwards, click on the Login button so that the system can validate it.

Be careful when filling Password, because if you enter an invalid password which will cause login failed 3 times or more, your account will automatically be locked by the system. You can log back on after 5 minutes.

If you have forgotten your Password, please do not worry. You can reset your current Password and then getting a new Password by clicking on the Forgot Password link.

Logout When you are finished accessing the Web Application CCIS, then click the Logout link at the top of web application. Then the system will display a question message whether you want to exit Web Application CCIS or not. Select Yes if you want to exit from application, otherwise No to cancel.

Logout is useful to prevent the use of your account by unauthorized people if you leave your computer.

Forgot Password Forgot Password page is a page that contains a form to reset the current Password and getting a new one. This is useful if you forgot the Password of your account in the Web Application CCIS. Please note that Password is stored in our database as encrypted format. It means that even Admin CCIS do not know it, thus cannot help you to inform the Password.

Therefore, if you forgot your Password, simply enter your Email that related to your account, then click on the Send Password button.

Check your Email afterwards to follow the instructions. In the first Email, there will be a link that you must click to activate the new Password. If you do not click the link, the Password will never be reset.

If you click on a link or the link in the first Email, the system will send a second Email that contains a new Password. Use that new Password to log into a Web Application CCIS.

Once you have successfully logged in, we recommend you to change the Password immediately with your choice from the menu Settings -> Change Password. If not, then make sure you keep the Email that contains the last Password to use on the next login. If you forgot again the Password, simply repeat the steps above.

Depending on the performance of our Email server, normally you will receive the Email within about 1 to 3 minutes later.

Mail Tracking Mail Tracking page contains a form to track the mail based on the certain number. Simply enter your consignment number, then click on the Search button.

The complete tracking results will be displayed below the Search form.

Mail Tracking
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